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2017-05-07 13:52:04 by Awesomeed

Making a new account for 2017 under the temporary name Zycrone1993. My projects for this account will still be associated with my new one, but this will no longer be my main account for project uploads or any animatios of the sort. I will check this account on a semi-monthly or monthly basis depending on factors of any sort for inquiries or updates, But will not be my top priority. I thank everyone for browsing what projects I had and look forward for the new 2017 year. I will also have a youtube channel under the name (AwesomeedNG) where any further works will be uploaded.

Thank you all again who have come across this page, I wish you all a fantastic 2017 year, and look forward to the future years.




2015-07-06 18:03:49 by Awesomeed

Yup. Im back. many lifestyle changes. Don't ask. Point is. IM back again. Impatient to get these ideas from my pandoras box of mystery. I know, everyone's pissed, what a useless delay and post right? Here's before the christmas crash to get back where I left off and finally fulfill this dream.


Might make a new account as a fresh start once I brainstorm a proper name. Thanks


2015-05-05 17:04:43 by Awesomeed

Hey guys. My grandmother put my labtop charger away somewhere.  So, that why I'm delayed with my projects. when I will find it. got no clue. Keep you all updated. I''m really behind. sheesh. I miss my projects

It seems one of my songs, ( if you call it a song) has gained some popularity, which i find pretty shocking. SOooo, to make things more fun, I'm going to upload it on youtube under Awesomeed ( NG) with special artwork by me ;P (applaud), to benefit the song much more. hopefully it doesn't become too scary .-. ...


I'll probably issue a warning to watch at own risk ...probably... I swear something's wrong with my head .-.


2015-01-19 23:54:32 by Awesomeed

Been working on 2 new songs. A special remix of my own I've been eager to compose and share, and another I made in my spare time.


The first called flashback only has a demo until feburary.


The remix will be out by mid feburary to beginning of march. I hope to blow everyone away with this remix. I feel it compliments it's true nature. (hint hint, it has Castlevania COTM ;P)


Keeping my chin up and working hard. I hope to make a grand impact in the music industry someday.


2015-01-10 19:44:17 by Awesomeed

My brand new charger broke since the last update, so i had to get another one again after the holidays... it's was a real shame that all my work was in my labtop and had no way to access it during the holidays. Also, it seems I can't post any art work that is unfinished and still in it's drafting stages. So if anyone is interested in seeing my recent drafts please see the link below.


I hope to improve myself this year as a new years resolution, so hope everyone has been patient since I've had many many, MANY delays. Happy new year to everyone and thanks for being so great.


Hey Guys!

2014-07-25 15:46:55 by Awesomeed

Awesomeed is back and ready to make submissions. I found my laptop charger after a LONG year, so i'm ready!

I've recently had a career change and am now pursuing a career in game development. I plan to submit work on tracks, artwork, designs, etc.

Let me know what you all think, I'd love to get this ready for my true game development life. I have many ideas in store and can't wait to change how games are viewed, played, and experience!


Yours truly


cant help it.

2013-04-27 23:46:05 by Awesomeed

Yet another delay. sorry everyone, I've been trying hard to get these posts up and finishing my projects, but I'm giving it one last shot. If I don't release any projects this coming week or early the following week, I will postpone ALL account activity and future releases until the reaching of better grounds. Can't help these unpredictable notices. Here's hoping everyone.


2013-03-30 17:55:19 by Awesomeed

I know and doubt anyone reads this, but things have been rough in life, and had a set back with the promised submissions due to a virus attacking my computer and having to format resulting in loss of all songs and finished projects, so im sorry to inform of that. I am currently trying to re-collect or even make an altered versions of my original idea. but until then, I plan to submit a project this following week, hopefully two. Sorry.

thank you guys for being patient and those who appreciate what a little work I have done hope that my project help and rising stars in the advertisement or aspiring YouTubers I hope to be a large contribution to future videos and projects.

Hope to keep in touch

Finally Back

2012-08-22 11:22:40 by Awesomeed

Took forever to make this dam computer work, But i'm happy now and ready to tackle at this one more time. Including a demo i didn't want to reaqlly release, but what the heck right? Not wanting to backdown now, i hope now I'll get people to actually read these. lol

Will make more updates happen, Very excited.