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2013-03-30 17:55:19 by Awesomeed

I know and doubt anyone reads this, but things have been rough in life, and had a set back with the promised submissions due to a virus attacking my computer and having to format resulting in loss of all songs and finished projects, so im sorry to inform of that. I am currently trying to re-collect or even make an altered versions of my original idea. but until then, I plan to submit a project this following week, hopefully two. Sorry.

thank you guys for being patient and those who appreciate what a little work I have done hope that my project help and rising stars in the advertisement or aspiring YouTubers I hope to be a large contribution to future videos and projects.

Hope to keep in touch


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2013-03-30 18:10:50

Keep working, homes.

Awesomeed responds:

Thanks bro I really appreciate it. Any positive feedback would be great I look forward to getting reviews to help improve my work. Don't have a work with