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Where's the Beat Where's the Beat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too much bass. I can't hear the background instruments enough. Very chill beat. Seems a bit repetitive. Great potential. Kudos to you. Give the background instruments a bit more volume and it should fix everything right up.

Swing of Things (WIP) Swing of Things (WIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loving the simple beat. Awesome stuff. This track would suit perfectly for a time lapse of sorts, mostly as a loop.

I think adding more energy to this might ruin the track and make it overbearing. If an upgrade is nessecary, just more small tweaks. ex. stronger, life-like instruments for the build-up.

Sort of reminds me of castle crashers on the alien hominid level.

Keep up the great work, and welcome back.

aCeta responds:

I see where you're coming from, but it IS missing something...

Thanks for the welcome back!

Anything Will Do [Remade] Anything Will Do [Remade]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

... :)

I Just want to Thank You For this Wonderful, Unimaginable Work Of Art. It's Really Been Helping Me through Some Tough Times. And I Just can't Thank you Enough. This Truly is Work Of a Pure Genius. Thank You Again For Such an Art. You Definitely Have Fav. 99999999999999999/10 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999/5!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Keep Up The Fabulous Work!

Guitar Distance Guitar Distance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

THis is sum good Sht

I sat down and Listened to the Lyrics yo. They real gud and I hope you got through all the hard sht. This song is Something that many can learn from when they got sumthin to go though. I wish i could help improve it though with ur permission. This is the first song that i really Enjoy.

Saved and 5/5, 10/10! Great Work bro, Respect.

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NormSaxYT responds:

Thank you for the respect! Feel free to do what you wish to improve upon the song. The more the merrier. Things are good now. Healthy son, down ass woman and the job is still work. Peace!!!

So what do I say? So what do I say?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Real good

Not bad at all, You got a good voice bruh. and I found it cute with your sis singing too x].

Though i think I'm mishearing the lyrics a little but, overall It's pretty good.

I listened to this for a nice good half-hour. Respect Bruh. Great job

kenshiIce responds:

Haha she wasent singing, she was talking :)
The lyrics are:

So what do I say, No
I'm sorry Zee zee, my voice isent doing anything

But yeah much appreciated man.

When nature calls (beta) When nature calls (beta)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sound interesting =)

This little taste you gave sound amazing.. I look forward to hearing the rest of your song! I hope you finish it soon. This is a great piece and i love the beat in the beginning. Just constantly hearing it makes me crave the whole song. XD.. Hope you finish soon. I'm sure this will be a hit =).

BreakingProdigy responds:

Wow thanks for the review awesomeed. It sure feels good to hear that people like this song. I will do my best to complete it when I get more feedback and time. Don't forget to tell your friends about this song, the more reviews the more time I will make to complete it :P

Here You Lay {=MMD=} Here You Lay {=MMD=}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This My Friend Is Beautiful..And I agree with should think about a musical career..but,what i wanted to say was is that this song is fantastic..and so many in a way can relate to the emotion and feelings they get towards this song. And the lyrics as well..give that feeling..I truly respect your work and the effort you put into this..I truly am inspired by your work..Truly i am. Please keep up the work..and I look forwards to all your submissions to newgrounds..Bravo to you..And thank you for sharing this with us..Kudos man.. Kudos

Dance to the trance! [Demo] Dance to the trance! [Demo]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First time

Well I was actually just browsing..and i came upon this...I listened to it..and It's actually really good..Like I Mean..>Really REALLY good..It's really trippy and I zoned out the moment i heard.Lol...Looking Forward TO hearing the Rest...Good Job Man..Respect n.n! Hope you finished soon though...10/10 5/5 and download n.n

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Sorrow Knows Many Names Sorrow Knows Many Names

Rated 5 / 5 stars

beautiful n.n

Well to me..this sounds really nice..Very soothing and mysterious at the same time..I Like the name too..because in a way..that is SO very true..and this song seem to fit it's description so perfectly..maybe for some no..But to's suitable..SO thanks...I enjoyed the song Very Much..Keep it up =) 10/10 5/5

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

Glad you liked it. Yeah it took me a while to come up with a name, but I think the one I decided on really seemed to fit it. Good to know others think so too. Thanks for the review! It is always very uplifting to know others like your music. I will defenately keep it up.

{Hollow Man} Remastered {Hollow Man} Remastered

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I dunno what to say..rather then Completely Incredible..I mean..WOw...I'm just shocked and speechless...... Keep it up ...This is by far amazing..and Completely deserve a Freakin Medal man..Dayum...

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